Summer Camp

ETYSA Begins Planning for 2021 Summer Camps

At this time, the Edward Teach Youth Sailing Association is optimistically, yet cautiously, moving forward to develop plans and precautions in order to hold our June/July/August sailing camps for 2021. These plans include smaller class sizes and safety measures to ensure the cleanest possible camp environment. We expect to continue the social distancing efforts you as parents have created with your children.

As we all watch and wait to see what the next couple of months will bring, we will keep you updated.

The camps are held at Blackbeard Sailing Club, New Bern NC.

Step #1: ETYSA annual Family Membership of $50 is required.

Step #2: ETYSA summer camps are $175 per weekly session. Registration will open in early April

  • June 28-July 1 Junior Instructor Week- This week is an orientation for paid camp staff and preparing equipment for camp weeks.
  • July 12-16 Camp 1 Beginners/Intermediate
  • July 19-23 Camp 2 Beginners/Intermediate
  • July 26-30 Camp 3 Beginners/Intermediate
  • August 2-6 Camp 4 Intermediate and Advanced Camp all ages (minimum 1 prior week attendance); Beginner Sailing incoming Middle and High School Students

Have your 8-16 year old participate in ETYSA Sailing Camp this summer to learn to sail with quality instructors at Blackbeard Sailing Club. Sailing Instructors are Level 1 certified and will be supported by a team of local sailing volunteers.  Attendees will be trained to sail on the Neuse River. The ETYSA fleet consists of OptiTopaz and 420 sailboats.

Our Junior Sailing Program offers week long summer sessions providing instruction in basic dinghy sailing, exposing juniors to different types of sailboats, including a mixture of fun and on and off-the-water activities. The main goal is to promote interest in sailing, to provide knowledge & experience in safe boating, and to have fun. Come join us!

Previous camp experiences found at Edward Teach Youth Sailing Association on Facebook.

Our students will be expected to:

  1. Pass a swim test; this will involve treading water without a life jacket.
  2. Follow the directions of the instructor, the rules of the program & of Blackbeard Sailing Club.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing (including USCG-approved vest-type life jacket and Covid face covering, water shoes-no flip flops!)
  4. Be at least 8 years old.

Each Junior Sailing session will begin with a class meeting. The day’s activities will be discussed & agreed on, and the weather forecast will be an integral part of each session’s planning. The initial session will be focused on gaining familiarity with the boats & with the “feel” of being afloat. Later emphasis will be on getting out on the water & having fun. There will be “land drills” so that lessons & exercises can be demonstrated in a controlled environment.

Proficiency in sailing skills will be encouraged by games. Some of the games will be played by teams, some by individual sailors. Some will be on the water in the boats, some will be on land. Some games will be competitive (ie have a ‘winner’) and some will be cooperative. Each game will emphasize some particular sailing knowledge or skill, such as sailing without a rudder, stopping the boat in a precisely controlled manner, tossing dock lines, or simulating rescues.

The juniors will be expected to rig & launch the boats for sailing, and at the end of each sailing session, they will be expected to de-rig the boats & properly put away all gear. Instructors will promote the good care & maintenance of boats & equipment. All of these exercises are designed to build character and promote team building.

Sessions are M-F 9:00am to 3:00pm – bring your own lunch.


What to Bring to Camp