Sailing Instruction & Safety Committee

Position Open

Safety Instructions

  1. The purpose of this committee includes
    1. curriculum for sailing students
    2. curriculum & qualifications for sailing instructors

i.      holding ETYSA instructor training sessions

ii.      encouraging ETYSA volunteers to achieve USSA or  certification

  1. safety guidelines including recommendations for equipment.
  1. The Student Sailing Curriculum is divided into 2 complete outlines, Basic & Advanced.
    1. The Volunteer Guide refers to thecurriculum
    2. Each curriculum will include daily lesson “cards” for the instructors
    3. For the forseeable future, basic youth sailing will be taught in Optimist Prams
    4. Advanced Sailing should be taught in sloops, as boats are available we will hold appropriate lessons guided by the Advanced Curriculum
    5. Both curriculae are currently complete but input from members & especially volunteer instructors is very welcome
  1. Safety
    1. This may become a separate committee in the future
    2. Ensure that safety equipment is always available & in good shape
    3. Make recommendations on safety equipment
    4. Ensure that instructors know & follow safe procedure

i.      Notify instructor volunteers of outside training opportunities

  1. Ensure that instructors teach safety as part of each lesson, for example demonstrating what can go wrong and/or cause damage & injury in almost any boating procedure