Maintenance & Infrastructure Committee

Committee is responsible to maintain the associations Opti’s, to order needed supplies to keep boats and the storage trailer in good operational condition during the next season.

Committee is also responsible for completing and maintenance on the association’s storage building.

2018 Goals

  1. Identify and label all Optis and associated gear
  2. Determine Optis that require hull repair and seek volunteers for such repair.
  3. Identify and procure any Opti gear that needs replacement-includes sails, air bags, spars, running rig etc.
  4. Evaluate trailer for needed reinforcement and maintenance solicit volunteers for above work
  5. Determine work required to complete the storage building and set up work days for volunteers to complete the building.

Time Table

  1. Identify Optis and gear and determine needed repairs by 1-1-18.
  2. Assign hull repair work to volunteers by 1-15-18.
  3. Identified gear needing replacement and order required items by 2-15-18.
  4. Schedule teams to replace gear on Optis by 4-15-18.
  5. Determine work required on storage trailer by 2-15-18.
  6. Schedule work team to repair storage trailer by 4-15-18.
  7. Develop list of work required on building by 1-15-18.
  8. Schedule teams to work on building storage 3-1-18. All work complete by 5-1-18