Boats & Acquisitions Committee

The duties of the Boat Committee shall include but not be limited to the following:

Identify potential boats for those ETYSA youth who are “graduating” out of Optis

  1.  Create list of desired features.
  2. Identify suitable boat designs that have those features.
  3. Present findings to the board.
  4. ETYSA Board identifies boat designs/types to pursue.
  5. ETYSA Board sets price/cost parameters.

Boat purchases

  1. Establish a checklist to evaluate the boats.
  2. Research boats for sale.  Only the members of the Boat Committee are authorized to work on acquisitions.  Other ETYSA members are to give leads on boats to the Boat Committee Chair.
  3. Evaluate potential purchases against criteria.
  4. Make list of needs for potential purchase (equipment, repairs, trailer, etc.) and price out cost.  Add this cost to purchase price and compare total cost to parameters set by the Board.
  5. Bring evaluation and details to Board. Board gives approval for purchase.
  6. Enter into negotiations for the purchase.
  7. Oversee purchase of chosen boat(s).
  8. Make arrangements with BSC to store the boat on BSC property.
  9. Arrange for transporting the boat to BSC.
  10. Handle any licenses, registrations or paperwork that needs to be done.  Boats are registered to ETYSA.  Turn all paperwork over to the Board.
  11. Turn the Boat over to the Maintenance Committee for repairs, rigging, and putting the vessel into service.

Boats offered for donation

  1. Establish a checklist to evaluate the boats that are offered for donation.
  2. Make contact with the individual offering the boat.
  3. Discuss details of the boat, trailer, equipment, etc.
  4. Four possible outcomes of this evaluation:
    1. ETYSA can use the boat as a support vessel
    2. ETYSA can use the boat in the sailing program
    3. ETYSA can effect minor repairs and sell the boat.  Money to be used to support the program.
    4. Boat does not meet needs of the program and given its condition or other factors, cannot be sold.